When it comes to hair removal, waxing is the best method.

When it comes to waxing, Nudite Waxing Boutique has the best method.

We have been providing clients with full-service body waxing treatments since 2014, Nudite Waxing Boutique offers unisex face and body waxing services. We select only the highest quality wax on account of our commitment to offering services and products with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and integrity.  Our goal is to have everyone who visits our center feel welcome, comfortable and in a clean relaxing environment.  We are located in beautiful Geneva, Illinois, minutes away from St. Charles and Batavia.

Our center is professionally created to elevate the customer experience to the cleanest, fastest and most pleasant waxing ever.

We specialize in Brazilian and Manzilian waxing.  A more confident you starts with beautifully smooth skin.

At Nudite we strive for excellence in service and customer care.  We want your waxing experience to be smooth and painless.  We want you comfortable and at ease for your session. If this is your first time and have questions scroll through our F.A.Q.’s and they will more than likely be answered.
If you are wondering how to prepare for your waxing session, go to Before you Wax Tips there are helpful tips to guide you.
What should you do after your waxing session? Go to Body Waxing to find out!

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